English Question Quiz 29

1. Since Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s father never approved of _________ Robert Browning, the couple eloped to Italy where they lived happily after.
 A) her to marry
 B) her marrying
 C) she marrying
 D) she to marry     Correct Answer: B

2)    Canada does not require that U.S. citizens obtain passports to enter the country, and ______________.
 A) Mexico does neither
 B) Mexico doesn’t either
 C) neither Mexico does
 D) either does Mexico        Correct Answer: C

3)    We all have various gifts or talents that need to be __________ .
 A) grown
 B) nurtured
 C) cultured
 D) instilled        Correct Answer: B

4)   He is getting married ___ Maya.
 A) to
 B) only
 C) by
 D) with        Correct Answer: A

5)  Now, the management graduate can expect to have a prosperous life on a ________ income without having to tend the paternal estates.
 A) regular
 B) substantial
 C) meaningful
 D) professional         Correct Answer: A

6)   I haven’t seen you _______ a week.
 A) since
 B) for
 C) within
 D) from         Correct Answer: B

7)   Steep hills and low rise traditional buildings that once ___________ the mosque have in recent years given __________ to shopping malls and luxury hotels.
 A) surrounded, way
 B) befell, up
 C) encased, space
 D) beautified, forward           Correct Answer: A

8)   The earth is at present in great danger of becoming uninhabitable because of __________ environmental pollution which is going on at an incredibly rapid pace.
 A) splendid
 B) gigantic
 C) inhuman
 D) inimaginable      Correct Answer: B

9)    Everyone in this world is accountable to God ____ his actions.
 A) about
 B) for
 C) to
 D) over   Correct Answer: B

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